Matt Mayberry

Los Angeles, California -

Matt Mayberry is a behavior designer and Chief Operating Officer at Boundless Mind where he and his team are pioneering the design and deployment of behavioral and persuasive technologies. Backed by decades of neuroscientific research, Boundless Mind uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to change peoples’ behaviors, beliefs and being at the neurological level.  Along with his teammates at Boundless, Matt co-created the worlds most advanced anti phone addiction app SPACE which fights screen dependency by rewiring the brains instant gratification sensors using brief moments of mindfulness.  Matt is also a Founding Advisor at the Juris Project where he co-authored the original white-paper on a dispute resolution system for the blockchain. 

You can find his work in The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, the BBC, NBC News, and Bleacher Report.  Matt is also an accomplished panelist and public speaker and has spoken about Digital Behavioral Design + Artificial Intelligence at the MIT Sloan Conference and on ABC News with Diane Sawyer



Boundless API

Boundless Minds’ mission is to create a world where hyper-personalized technology helps humans thrive.  We combine neuroscience and AI to make the most complicated product and behavioral decisions simple and personal.  We are changing how humans interact with their devices and are proud to be the leaders in persuasive and behavioral technology.


The smartphone has morphed from a productivity tool to an addiction.  Apps use advanced software tools that shape and control user behavior.  Space loads a moment of zen before apps you need space from.  This short-circuits instant gratification and puts you in charge again.

Crystal Mirror

As featured on ABC News, Crystal Mirror is a groundbreaking study of emotion and our mobile devices.  While you play a simple game, the application uses your movements to reveal the nuanced changes in your emotions.